Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunday Project: A Pincushion...


Cathedral Window Pincushion

I am in the midst of working on the Auction T-shirt quilt and needed to walk away from it last night and have something calming to do.

It really truly only took me an hour to hand piece it together!  I was inspired by all of the Cathedral Window pincushions I have seen lately, but I didn't use a tutorial because I already learned from my mom who learned from my Great-Aunt Kay!

A vanity cushion cover I inherited from her!

How convenient is THAT?

I admittedly, did not do the BEST job my first go 'round, but it was a lot easier than I had remembered. 

If you are looking for a good tutorial, I found this one on Moda Bake Shop HERE.  I also found a link on another blog (sorry..cannot for the life of me remember who!) to another tutorial that is closer to the way I learned from my mom HERE at Sunflower seeds. 
 I especially like how she uses contrasting thread on the white!

The inherent difference from those are that they are machine stitched and I did my cushion with hand-stitched hidden ladder stitches.

(I am pretty sure my mom did running stitches like my Great-Aunt Kay did below).

Rough around the edges...I sure wish I knew the date when she made this!

I loved how I finally used the crushed walnut shells that I found at the pet store (by the way, petco carried them in my area, not PetSmart!)

However, one simple problem...

Larry, our lizard...He is always sneaking in from the garage and I am always shooing him out the window in the studio!

you have to travel through the reptile aisle.

And one small pincushion doesn't even make a DENT in the 10 quart bag! 

Now I know EXACTLY why I see so many pincushions on blogs and Flickr...

We thrifty frugal ladies can't stand to have it wasted!!!

Button thought it was wonderful from the button at the top to the pins that he loves to play with that I am always taking away. 

  But more importantly? 
 It's very nice weight as a flying object. 
He used the word "ball"  when he picked it up.
Now my thinking cap is on...

But back to the t-shirt quilt I go.  
 Working on the more breaks for me.

T-shirt quilt countdown
10 days.


  1. Best of luck with that quilt. 10 days and I know it will be amazing when finished. Hang in there xx

  2. I love the pincushion!!! never tried the cathedral window technique...but soon!
    Beautiful quilt!!! have a great week!! Go back to work, girl!! LOL

  3. Love your pincushion! Thanks for linking my blog!

  4. Oh yeah and don't forget to add a photo to my Flickr group by the end of the month so you can have a chance to win some awesome prizes!

  5. LOVE the pincushion! I tried to tackle the catherdal window once before and failed miserably....maybe I will try again. Oh and I love Larry the cute that he visits you.:)


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