Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day

I think Mr. Boss and I would agree that his Father's day was much like my Mother's day.

Just another day!

I had BIG plans for a gift for him, but my computer issues, prevented it on Friday.  

We did fit a few fun things..

My new printer (my old one decided to act up this past week too) has this cool thing where I can link to the internet and print Crayola Coloring pages directly from my printer.  A push of a button and we had two different Father's Day pages to color.

Bunny was DELIGHTED.  He may be 10, but he still loves to color with crayons.  Button was so intrigued that he wanted to sit on my studio stools like a big boy.

How am I doing Daddy?

Do you see that curled up tongue? 
Takes after his mother.  If you look carefully, you can see me doing the same thing while I am concentrating on anything...sewing, cooking, ironing, laundry, scrapbooking....and I am doing it right now while I am blogging!

Later, Button watched his daddy doing some yardwork.

The guy never stops!  If he does, he is asleep!

Button can't wait to help him!

Sometime during nap-time, I opened the package I received Saturday.  I wrote more about our Molly Bear HERE on my Butterfly Kisses blog.  I almost felt bad that there was a bit sadness on his special day, but if he is anything like me, it is hard to forget the one that is missing. 

After nap time, they went out for their "pooh" time. 

 Every Sunday, you can find these two all alone in the pool right before dinner.  I sometimes join, but for the most part, I think it is there special one-on-one time together. I just work on the laundry and ironing and watch the action!

And don't worry the older ones showed their faces a few times, sitting and watching the U.S. Open, eating his yummy pulled pork roast dinner.

But now back to our regularly scheduled programs...some quilt projects this week!


  1. Sometimes it is the days at home with the family that make the day special and your fathers day is no exception. You have shared some beautiful photos in this post that can be treasured forever. hugs, Sharon

  2. I prefer to spend our special days just like yours. No fancy meals or expensive gifts...just time together.

    I have never heard of Molly Bears. What a precious gift! So much time and thought went into making her a very special memory for Jamie.


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