Saturday, June 30, 2012


I made a lot of progress yesterday!! It was SO exciting!!!

However, I was sidetracked today.  Sidetracked because the bookcase I bought the other day HERE is in my way. 

So instead of just moving the open box and parts in order to get to Ole Betsy to quilt the twins animal quilts? 

I put it together.  Logical, right?

It took the spot where I used to have my ribbon rack.

It is really an old VCR tape rack.

It was not only very functional but a great display for all of my gift wrap ribbons.

I used tension curtain rods to suspend them.

But ever since the arrival of Button and his love to wrap the ribbons around his neck, I had to move all of the ones he could reach due to his increasing mobility, and now growing height. 

The rack has become, basically, a space eater. And the ribbons are in various spots in the closets and cabinets.

I have to reorganize them some day, but they are fine for now.

I also need to find a new home for my large Sissix die cuts.  They used to fit so perfectly on the rack.

I am a bit sad to say goodbye to the rack since it has had so many "lives" over the past 15 years. 
VCR tapes, paperback books, quilts, and ribbon. 

But I can't help but love to have my fabric out of the closet and at my fingertips.

Now I need to redo all the mini bolts because I had random sizes to fit my bins.  They just don't look as pretty as the ones I see online all the time!  The need to be a bit more uniform.

But first,  I need to clean up my mess.

And get back to work......

Pssst.....Thank you Mr. Boss for helping me out!  You didn't have to, but you did anyway!  By helping me build the bookshelf, our teamwork cut the normal assembly time IN HALF.  Not to mention how studly you were finding the studs for the safety straps, so we don't have ANY tipping over problems for Button the mountain climbing Billy Goat.  And you trimmed my design wall boards width so they could still fit behind my door next to the bookcase.

Simply....You ROCK!


  1. It looks really nice!!!!!
    VCRs??? What is that???? LOL

  2. This looks fabulous. Happy sewing!

    1. Thanks. I confess that I stared at this post a few times on vacation...just so I could smile and count down to the days I could get back home and quilt!

  3. I do know what a VCR is, maybe even used one LOL Love the idea for the revamp for ribbons!!

  4. Uh oh, the little man is growing so fast!
    I just love your sewing area. I saw in another blog - Sher's Creative Space - she wrapped her fabric around comic book inserts. I guess you can buy them in packets and they are strong enough to hold up fabric.


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