Friday, June 15, 2012

My iMac is Sick

I never imagined that I would be so sad. I really have fallen in love with it this past year! If you asked me a year ago when we bought it, I had complete opposite feelings!

I am also a bit mad at myself. I haven't been backing up. You would think I would have learned three years ago when I almost lost a year and a half's worth of pictures. I had three hard drives crash in the span of three months. Two were my laptop and the other? My external drive.

Luckily my tech saved the day!!!

I vowed to always backup on discs and external drive AND shop for a really good online storage site.

I broke my vow. I last backed up since mid-February. I am trying not to lose my cool, but the thought of all the patterns I have purchased, the photos that have been downloaded, and the embroidery and quilt patterns I have designed being completely gone is overwhelming.

I am off to the Apple store tomorrow morning. Please wish me luck that they can save the files I need because all my software has to be reinstalled.

The only silver lining is I know I have March photos in our family album thanks to my last retreat.

And this blog. It might actually be the only place I will be able to print photos of Easter and Bunny's birthday for my family album if tomorrow doesn't go well.

And thank goodness for the blogger app on my iPhone. My formatting will be different, but at least I can lament my not really important woes right here at my favorite place!

Oh. And I hope you can take at least one lesson away from this post.

Get off the Internet and backup your computer, okay?

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  1. I hope you are able to recover your files. We just bought a new computer and haven't even started transferring pictures over yet.


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