Wednesday, June 27, 2012

WIP: Piles


 ..of thread...waiting to finish Violet's Quilt project.


....Of half finished mug rugs.  I am starting to get sick of trying to finish these to get them out of the way.


 ....of baby boy quilts for the twins waiting for embroidery, quilting, and binding.


....of the last three Butterfly Kiss projects to finish before Butterfly Kisses shuts down for a bit of some MUCH needed vacation.  Which, got a NEW LOOK, if you hadn't notice in my side bar!

Oh...and more piles....

...of fabrics that need to be put away and organized...but I may have been sidetracked.  While the boys are at tutoring or lessons these past few days....I am stuck shopping.
  I found this today.

A Bookshelf

 I needed an organization project, like a needed a new hole in my head!

 I could rattle off my in progress, no progress projects, but nothing much has changed since last week.

But I do have a finish!!!!

But this is all I can share....or else I will be in BIG, BIG Trouble.....

I sure hope I can find some time to get all of these projects finished and out the door by Monday morning....or I will cry.  I think I am in my car more than I ever am during the school year.  I promise I will NOT complain when they go back to school in mid-August...okay?

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One of my favorite bloggers that I follow, Felicity @ Felicity Quilts is guest posting today! case you missed it...I finally found a place for Meemah's quilts in the The Useless Nook.  Which I have been spelling by the is Memaw.  Go figure, right?

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