Friday, June 1, 2012

Outdoor Kitchen

Two years ago, we made the big leap to put a pool in our backyard.

Tiny prints (about 5 inches long) for our Jamie!

I was is a BIG expense!

First dip for the year....LOVED IT!

But it has been so worth it!  

When we were planning it, we decided to do our master backyard plan in phases.  

Phase 1 was the pool itself.

Phase 2 was the outdoor kitchen.  

The area to the left where the rocking chairs are designated for Phase 2

Phase 3...a fireplace sitting area for the fall/winter time her in Houston.  When the water is too cold but it is finally nice enough to be outside.


We finally got it!!!

 The Outdoor Kitchen.

It even came with my very own chef.

Sorry for the blurry..this kid seriously does not know how to stand still!

It even has a workbench area in case there is anything needed fixing.

Awesome, right?



  1. bwahahaha! I love it. We have an indoor bbq even has a sink! It doesn't turn on but it came with corn on the cob and hot dogs!

    1. I am so glad you made it through to the end!!! I told you that I couldn't wait for you to see it!!

      An indoor BBQ with a sink!?!?! on the list!!!!

  2. Well, I mean, at least the food he makes doesn't have calories right?

  3. Hahahahahah After I got over the jealousy...of the kitchen of course ;)....I realized I dont have a little chef!

    1. How could you NOT be jealous of the kitchen or the chef?!?!?! ;)!

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. Very cute post. Your poolside looks like it's out of a magazine!

  6. Argh ...... I have just had to light the wood fire. Think I should go and pack my bags and come for a visit and spend my aussie winter over with you and your family enjoying your summer by that beautiful pool with gorgeous button as my chef! :)

  7. That was cute! What a great little Chef. Oh, love those foot prints in the pool too.


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