Sunday, March 10, 2013

Giant Star Quilt

This quilt was a tough one to let go.

My only regret?  
Not getting a better photo of it!! 

 A good friend that I scrapbook with asked me if I would make her coming granddaughter a quilt as a gift.  I have decided that baby quilts are some of my favorites.  There is something very satisfying about making something for someone so tiny. 

My friend sent me this photo of the twin bedset that was going to go in the room with the crib.  

Source: Unknown

I have learned that mommas normally have plans for their nurseries, so I try to get something that matches the set, but the pattern can be a bit different so it can live in the room on a chair or on the floor for tummy time...unless of course, they DO want it in their crib.

 I started with the colors and grabbed up these two fat quarter bundles by Free Spirit.

Free Spirit Bundles:::: Left: Novella by Valori Wells,  Right: The Painted Garden by Dana Designs.

 The Painted Garden by Dana Designs for Free Spirit 
and Novella fat quarter by Valori Wells for Free Spirit

  I then fell in love with this Giant Vintage Star pattern by In Color Order.

 I hope you can tell how amazing the large motifs played out in my rendition!
One important note!  I DID not go with the 18 inch squares that she has in the tutorial.  I went much smaller and used 12 inch squares so my final size was 40 x 40 inches.

Most of the points are made up of fat quarters from The Painted Garden.   I used one Novella fat quarter that had the orange "seeds" because I needed one more softer blue to match the original bedroom set.  

I also went with the Madrona Road Memoirs text fabric instead of the gray fabrics from The Painted Garden.  It wasn't that they would have been awful, but I craved a bit of consistency for the background in order not to distract from the amazing star point prints! 

I mean, seriously?
  How can you resist the words "Sweet Dreams" or "Prince" or "gypsy" that are in it!

Madrona Road Memoirs Text in cream

I don't know if you can tell, but there is a faint beige/off white design in the background of the already amazing text.  It finalized my decision to choose a beige thread for quilting to blend in.

Pantograph Design: Lida on Handiquilter Avante

I'm also extremely happy with the pantograph design called Lida by Golden Threads.  The swirls are just the right density to make a nice overall pattern for a pattern that didn't need "help".

Rosebud Minky

I am in love with this rosebud minky.  It is super soft.  The one drawback is that it actually didn't enhance the quilting on the backside, but rather, hid it.  But, I didn't mind because I really did adore the pattern the swirls make!!

My friend wanted to have her granddaughter's name embroidered somewhere on the quilt.  By choosing the text fabric print for the background, I felt that no matter what font or color I chose, it would compete with the text.

 I admit, I haphazardly made a star block out of white with the remaining scraps from one of the star points from the front. But I am pretty happy with the results

Binding: Tula Pink Lazy Stripe

The binding is of those things meant to be!  I really didn't want to go scrappy with the leftover fat quarters, so I hunted my own shelves for some choices.  This cool orange and pink striped fabric popped out at me and did not want to be ignored.  The oranges and pinks were an exact match and I just couldn't get over it.  

I didn't really realize how fate decided to help me out until I was typing up the post and checking my selvage edges.

  It is designed by none other than Birds and Bees by Tula Pink for Free Spirit.
Yup....Meant to be.

Quilt Stats:
Measures: 40 x 40 inches
Pattern:  Giant Vintage Star by
Quilt Top: The Painted Garden by Dana Designs for Free Spirit 
and Novella fat quarter by Valori Wells for Free Spirit
Backing: Rosebud in Pink (Hobby Lobby)
Binding:  Lazy Stripe in Orange and Pink from Birds and Bees by Tula Pink for Free Spirit
Pantograph Pattern: Lida by Golden Threads 
Quilted by: Heidi Grohs (me) on my Handiquilter Longarm Avante

I will miss this quilt dearly.


  1. It is a beautiful quilt Heidi. Well done. hugs

  2. gorgeous! this quilt is on my list, i'm hoping for this month.. we'll see though.. love love love yours!

  3. it's beautiful Heidi! fun choices for an overall beautiful quilt!

  4. This is so so perfect for a wee one. I love the prints. I just finished a giant star too, but out of half square triangles ; )

  5. What gorgeous colours - such a great match! And I'm very impressed the text is all lined up so neatly!

  6. This turned out so nice! Glad you got it finished.


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