Friday, March 1, 2013

My Alma Mater

Marquette University

The place where I earned my Nursing degree.  The place where I grew up to become an Army Officer, thanks to the most incredible Army ROTC program!! 

It also happens to be the place where I happened to run into Mr. Boss on the first day I was moving into my dorm.  I don't know how many people meet their soul mate over a big moving cart their freshman year...but I was one of them!

With that said, our children are subjected to Marquette Basketball every single year.  March madness is a sacred time around here.  We don't buy NFL packages for our television review.  We buy NCAA men's basketball packages!!!

You are wondering...why the pillow?  

It is for our oldest son.  

The one who turned 16 yesterday.  


Oh..and yes, it is official.  Fancy Fondant is not for me. Cupcakes?  Oh yes.  I did make the 16 out  fondant because he is the only one in the house that actually likes to eat it!

Back to the pillow....

I predicted he would not be super excited about it. His general response to my quilts when I am done are, "that looks just like all the's a quilt".  But don't be too harsh on him. He admits and everyone else in our house knows that his talents are not in anyway bent to artistic creativeness.

He loves sports.  He REALLY loves Marquette Basketball.

We decided that he needed something special.  A trip to Milwaukee with his dad to see a game.    I am all about surprises and silly packaging. So I thought I would make the foundation pieced pillow.

It was a rocky process and my design changed as I was working on it. 
But I finished it yesterday morning, just in time to tuck the tickets in the box.  

I thought for sure he would say, "Oh...gee...nice" and then the tickets and trip would be even more exciting after such a let down.

Instead?  It was "Mom, wow. You made this for me?  I love it.  It is awesome!"  

I love him.  
He is currently my favorite right now.

Shhhh...don't tell the others.


  1. I am glad he likes his birthday present. I hope he enjoys the game with his dad. Happy Birthday!

  2. I'm so glad he likes the pillow! It is actually NOT going to snow here for a couple days, good time to come up to visit. Are there big plans for him to head to Marquette in a couple years for school?

  3. LOVE the pillow Heidi, well done and so much more special with praise from a 16 year old :o) Hope the guys have a great time together. hugs

  4. Awwww! First of all, I LOVE the pillow, and of course your 16-year-old does too! And how awesome would that be if you could somehow giant-size it into a huge "MU" logo on a quilt??? My husband would die.

    Second, so they were at the game? They picked a good one to go to! : ) What a wonderful birthday present!

  5. I love this! While not a Marquette fan myself--we're Florida Gators all they way, I love that you took something special and made it for someone special. What a great birthday gift!! And what a handsome son! :)


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