Friday, March 22, 2013

March MADness

I have been a busy bee this week and I do have some posts with finished quilts and a tutorial coming up....buuuut I can't share yet.

So in the meantime...because I hate leaving people hanging like that.

For your enjoyment.

My boys watching the final seconds of the First Round Game of Marquette vs Davidson (NCAA Basketball Tournament).  

It was a nail biter.

Mr. Boss and I agreed that the intensity, passion, and MADness the boys have while watching the game might be a bit much. But ooooh, so funny!!  It really proves that people go crazy over college hoops.  At least we  Marquette U Alumni do!!!

And yes!

 Even the teenager agrees that his reaction to me is pretty funny now, too.

I swear!


  1. hahaha. That made me laugh! Not really basketball fans around here, but I appreciate the intensity!

    btw, I found I had to manually add your site to feedly, because it got lost in the switch. I'm starting to wonder what other blogs I've lost...

  2. Oh Heidi, that is so funny. We love the basketball around here (as you might have seen in my Instagram feed!) so I fully appreciate their devotion :o) hugs


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