Friday, March 29, 2013

Spiders and Webs Quilt (part deux)

It's finally finished!

I am not sure why it excites me because it is the same Spider and Web pattern I have already have done before, which usually bores me.   However, I wonder if it is more the fact that I love getting things done that are "hanging over my head" like this quilt.  It certainly isn't needed right now since it is for Halloween, but it was a quilt top that was haunting me (pun intended?) for awhile and just getting in the way!  

  I am super happy with the choice of a black background and love the scrappy black and white binding.

The quilting was fun and easy on my brain this time.  I stitched in the ditch along each triangle to emphasize the "web" and then did squiggly lines all around each stripe.

And I tried my hand again at meandering/stippling. It just is strange to me and very amoeba-like, but I wanted to practice in case a client asked me to do so on theirs.  Never hurts to practice.  And I am really pleased with the way it flowed to the outer borders.

I am still in love with the enlarged web on the back.  I had a completely different pieced plan, but as I was laying it out, my eyes started crossing at all the strips I had laid out.  The choice to make it a big "web" in the middle of a sea of black ended up giving me the "rest" I needed.   


Now, by now, I am sure you all know that I can't let all the oopsies not be shouted to the rooftops.  
First, how 'bout that crazy shadowed photo shot of the back above?  Way to make an effort, Heidi!

Second,  I had a few big oopsies when I was trying to create the web on the back!!

I was short because some of my strips were 42" and some were 44".  Instead cutting a new stack of 2" strips to make two more triangles, I just pieced in some scraps as needed.  
Two of the triangles have them.  Gives them character, right?

However, the biggest foible with this quilt?
Natural and Warm batting. 

Showing through at the bottom.  The white specks are not my dandruff, swear!  They are bits of batting. *insert hummph face*  I noticed it a bit at the top when I was quilting, but I was shocked when I looked at the back.  It is pretty horrendous.

  I will be honest, I have never run across any advice about black quilts.  Why?  Probably because I have never actually made a predominately black quilt before.  

Irony? I happened to come across some advice during my research while creating my longarm quiting service website after this bad boy was already started.

Purchase black/dark batting for black quilts.  

Couldn't I have read this sooner?!?!?!?
Anyone know how to fix this?  It looks a bit better after washing, not worse. I am really bummed because isn't the pattern on the back pretty cool above?  The tufts really ruin the look.

Photo taken before attaching

I also went back to attaching my labels after quilting.  With the last few quilts, I haven't  been completely happy about how the quilting from the front looked on the back with the labels pieced into the back.   Sometimes it is just best to admit defeat!

But hey.  It's a quilt. Just for us.  It will do the trick! 


  1. I love it! Thanks for sharing your oops, there hasn't been one of my finished quilts without one! Hopefully this summer I'll be able to finish the spiders and webs quilt I started with your pattern, last summer!

  2. It's still lovely! It's nice to see areas that others have difficulties...because it means they're human too! =) Nothing on my work was lining up today...I just finally said, Oh well. =)

    Have a Happy Easter.

  3. Black / dark batting- I will be remembering that one. If the batting is annoying you what if you attack it with a permanent maker to make some "vanish". You must realize that this quilt is perfect though as it was made by you for your family and it is the little imperfections that make it perfect. hugs

  4. Awesome finish. Lovely finish and what a great back!

  5. I love it, with the oops and the white stuff and all. I'd heard about that - I think it's called bearing, right? - but hadn't seen it myself. =( I hope it improves with more washing.

  6. YES! I've just read about this in my quest to purchase a roll of batting. the scrim side is the one that should technically go against the backing - something to do with the needle punching, etc. and less bearding. And the soft bumpy side faces the top. Do a google search on batting/scrim side and there will be several forum discussions about it

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