Wednesday, March 13, 2013

WIP: Last minute post

I was about to type up my WIP post earlier, but was distracted by white smoke!

 I don't expect everyone to understand all the hype about the Pope, but it is a very exciting thing for us in our home! I am not one to wave my Catholic flag because I respect that so many others have other religious organizations they belong to or not at all!  I am just super glad that the boys were home from Spring Break to see it live! 

 Now that I just gushed my excitement...back to quilting!!!  

Things are relatively quiet since we had company in town taking advantage of the fact that the boys are home from school this week!  
I had a finish RIGHT before they arrived and did some hand sewing late in the evenings!


The Giant Star

Still love this quilt today as much as I did Monday!!!  I highly recommend this quilt to anyone looking to use their large motif prints, especially if you have Fat Quarter bundles waiting for a good project.

In Progress:

Spiders and Webs, part deux Quilt

I have been working on the binding the last few days. is done, but I haven't done a quilt label yet.  I am determined to do a quilt label before I call it a full finish.

Stars and Stripes

35 white hexies basted

15 to go.  Not to mention that I still have to address the blue stars.  I am still thinking hand embroidered stars.  I still have 3 more months to get it done, right?

No Progress:

I was going to list all of my quilts, but decided that I would list the quilt that is next in line and needs my attention.

Rodeo Quilt

It is waiting for me to get quilted.  The Houston Rodeo is almost over.  My goal is to have it all done by the Championships on Saturday.  Why?  Just because.

 I am also actually if a quilt has the ability to beg and whine for me to quilt it!

  I must be a quilter if I think my quilts can *speak* to me!

 Hope everyone is doing well this week!

Since it is on my other religions have interesting traditions for the "passing of the baton" of leadership like the Catholic Church?  I have learned a bit through the years about other religions, but do not pretend to know them well!

 I am really truly interested!!!

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  1. Viva il Papa! :0)

    Fabric talks to me, too. You're not alone.

  2. Your water mark makes your young man look like he has a hair clip in! Just don't tell him I said that ;) hugs

  3. I'm not Catholic, but I do find the whole thing pretty fascinating. Lots of historical firsts this time around. I don't know of any other major religions that focus so much on one man as a leader, maybe Mormonism?

  4. Pope Watch 2013 was a pretty big deal over here… I couldn't pry my mum away from CNN with the jaws of life.


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