Monday, January 24, 2011

3 Albums in 3 Days

I have returned feeling slightly successful from my scrapbook retreat.  It is hard to leave the family, but it is the only way I can realistically get 75-100 scrapbook pages done in an efficient manner.  I used to do all-nighters on my retreats and get close to 150 pages done, but found that the lack of sleep was not worth it by Monday and Tuesday.

I was able to finish my Family album for 2010 and 2009.  Now I only have 11 more years out of the 14 we have as a family....not to mention all the "other" ones I have in the works.

I also updated my Family and Friends album.  It is the album that I put all of the announcements, pictures, letters, and Christmas cards/letters we receive throughout the years.  I am happy to say that I have about 18 years worth of it done. 

 Why do I "waste" my time as my fellow scrappers ask?  Because, otherwise, I clutter up our immediate family album or all these items clutter up baskets and bins throughout the house. 

Now it is time to refocus on sewing for a bit..........HOPING to at least get some scrapbooking done between now and the next retreat in April................


  1. Awesome! 3 albums!!! That's amazing! I would love to see some of your pages ;)

  2. I will....Maybe a post of my favorite pages of Jamie's album!??!?!?!


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