Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Going Neutral

Going neutral is the hardest thing!  I went shopping this afternoon for Button.  The plan was to buy some neutral clothing for his/her first few days.  Then we plan to go shopping for things after the baby comes home. 

Why is this a problem?


You either can buy girl stuff or boy stuff.  Does no one get surprised anymore!?!?!?

Why the quilt above?  I just wanted to resurrect the quilt I had made Jamie before she was born to show what I consider neutral.  Actually, I bought this material the day after her ultrasound when we weren't sure what was going on. All we knew was that "all was well,except....." her bones were not measuring correctly. 

We were encouraged to do an amniocentesis because they felt that it was "bad".  In order to make decisions, we needed more information.  We found out all of this on a Wednesday.  They scheduled my amniocentesis for Friday morning (I knew things weren't right since they wanted it done so quickly).  That Thursday, I did what any sewer/crafter does when they are anxious.  Go shopping for STUFF!

The boys helped me pick out this quilt kit amongst all the girl/boy things.  It was as neutral as we could get.   Looking back now, it doesn't look very neutral!

So today, I walked out of Target with two packs of white onesies, white socks, and one set of brown and white onesies/pants.  I also had one set of receiving blankets and an outfit in pink. One set of receiving blankets and outfit in blue.  The big brothers' insisted.  That is all I could find!  I hope I can return whatever doesn't work! 

As for the plain white things....time to break out the embroidery machine. Don't you think?

And Jamie's quilt?  This is the before.  I will post what I did with her quilt later this week!

I am such a tease, aren't I?

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