Sunday, January 30, 2011

What to do...what to do.....

with all of these bundle sets! 

 Yes, this basket is FILLED to the brim with strip bundles and fat quarter bundles. 

I confess, I am quite addicted to collecting them.  I can honestly say that I do use them, but it is very painful for me to break up a bundle. 

Sometimes, I won't even touch them because they are so adorable. 

But the madness needs to stop!!!  But how?

Incredibly, I was shopping for something else.  Story sound familiar?  I was in JoAnn's and they are clearing out our local store to move to a bigger location and become a "Mega JoAnn's"  (I am completely making up the please don't quote!).  I think because the merchandise is dwindling because they are not re-stocking, I was able to spy this (on sale!):

The answer to my prayers!!

  I know that I realistically will not get to any of these right away...but it is nice to know I will have these books around when I do!!

Tomorrow, I will be officially 37 weeks pregnant.  I am starting to feel like it!!!  I can't reach my computer, sewing machine, or frankly, anything else.  I was exhausted trying to string beads on another project that I have been working on for weeks.  I think someone is telling me to slow down.  You think?

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  1. I love that first photo! It makes me smile, so colorful and bright!


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