Sunday, January 16, 2011


No, not rainbows.  Just fabric in rainbow order! 
I have realized that in the blogging world, there are moments when you either:

  •  Can't come up with a good project.
  • Forgot to take a picture of a great project.
  • Have nothing to say
  • The weather doesn't cooperate for a good picture of a great project
  • Or your kid gets sick and you can't get anywhere near a computer.
In today's case, I realized that I hadn't even checked emails in three days.  My youngest is sick...once again.  Luckily, this time his strep test came postive.  If it hadn't, I might have had a mental breakdown at the urgent care clinic.  He is doing well and running around today!  Thank you modern medicine!

And I might have a bit of time to do something today.  But the Bear v. Seahawk game is still taking priority....GO BEARS!!  

So I am glad that I took pictures a while back for just such days!  I thought I'd show you the simple plastic drawers that hold my "scrap" fabrics.  I stole the color label idea from a scrapbooking friend.  Just print the words using a word document and change the font color to match the name.  I cut them and then used clear packing tape over the label to stick to the plastic.  Too simple, right!

I  can report that we actually pulled down the cradle, crib, highchair, changing table, and pack and play from the attic during halftime.  A bit dusty and rough around the ages...but I think they will work! 

As each item came down....not sugarplums, but ideas danced through my head.  It is starting to get a little exciting.  Still very nervous that Button won't get to use them, but excited that I just might get to decorate a nursery in the near future!!! 

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