Wednesday, January 12, 2011

This is how I feel!

I was actually saving this picture for a rainy day.  I was going to title it:  The Kid Can Sleep Anywhere!

Except, this is how tired I am today. I guess it is sort of my rainy day?

 Last night, hubby was rear-ended.  He is fine, but his car has quite the gash.

Today, I walked out to the parking lot and found out that someone hit my 3 week old car....and didn't leave a note.  My bumper now matches hubby's!

After having an awesome OB appt, running some errands, picking up my permanent license plates, getting an estimate from the body shop, work, homework, and tennis lessons.   I had to come home and do my "Parent Statement" for my oldest's high school applications to the local Catholic schools. 

The picture EXACTLY how I feel.

So I hope that I can get some energy to do some fun things tomorrow.
  I REALLY need it!

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