Friday, September 23, 2011

Dear Carter's

I think I love you.

(Disclaimer:  I am currently  not being paid to review any products or services by Carter.  These opinions are based on the $100+ I spent at their store the other day. But if they would like to sponsor me, do you think I will complain??) 

But SERIOUSLY, Carter's you have made me a happy woman.
Thank you for making all of your clothes to match my quilt!

Button has been feeling a bit under the weather this week.  He has his very first cold.  But he obliged on Tuesday afternoon for me to take some pictures in his newest shirt.

Have I mentioned that this isn't the only outfit?  I haven't taken pictures of them all, but there are about six outfits, and two pairs of jammies in the awesome blue, green, browns and beiges to match!

He spends a lot of tummy time on the quilt.  And he is now gearing up for crawling time on his quilt.  It makes the memories so much better!

Like THIS!

Rockin' and Rollin'
My prediction is that someone will be officially crawling if his cold doesn't hold him back this weekend!

But the best shot?

Drop and give me 20 kid!

The Army Nurse in me just loooooooooves this!

And one more thing Carter's, I think the new pants for boys are THE BEST!  I always hated dressing up my boys in corduroys and jeans when they were busy for just hanging around the house.  These knit pants are a regular hit around here!

And did I mention that I am not that easy to please?  

Ask my husband.


  1. He is so freaking cute. I love the push up pose. Looks like you might have a future athlete on your hands.

  2. He is absolutely adorable! And I love that little outfit on him. (I tend to love all wide stripes on boys, but that colour combination is great!)


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