Friday, September 30, 2011

Dear Daddy

Don't let this face fool you.....


Today, Mommy was working on a Butterfly Kiss blanket and the quilts she has in the works.

I, on the other hand, am bored with my toys.

And I feel that Mom's toys are sooo much better.

Within seconds of Mommy taking the needlepoint pattern out of my destructive hands, I discovered her frame and needlepoint canvas.  

I especially liked the needle. 
 I showed mommy my advanced fine motor skill.  Did you know that you can un-thread it Daddy?
Mommy spoiled my fun and quickly took it away. 

Of course, while she was busy putting it up, I thought I'd give her yarn basket a try.

Mommy...the yarn is so cool.  It really tangles up nicely. better hurry and put safety locks on all of mom's kitchen cabinets AND her studio cabinets.

Or life will be over as we know it.

But maybe, just maybe, I will give her this look.

And all will be well!

Note: My shutter speed was giving me trouble, so I started playing with some effects in Photoshop Elements.  Therefore, the funny styled pictures. 
And the name of the texture?   
Dark Stroke....just like the dark side this little guy has!



  1. He is such a cute little feller. Why is it that their smile makes you not so mad at them?

  2. His guitar outfit (sleeper?) ROCKS my socks off and that smile melts my heart!

  3. So fun, right!!! His sleeper...from where did you say...why, my favorite new store CARTERS!!!


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