Tuesday, September 20, 2011

S.S. James

When the teenage boy was moved out of the future nursery, he took a favorite picture of mine (not pictured here) with him!  

It left an empty spot on Button's side of the Jack-and-Jill Bath.

I really wanted something very juvenile, fun, and CHEAP to take it's place.

Excuse fuzziness.....too much light reflections in this bathroom!!!!

I was inspired by one of Bunny's Lego creations.  
It was a large battleship that he dubbed S.S. James.
  BRILLIANT, right?  

I instantly stole his idea and he tells ANYONE that is in the vicinity of my creation that I did so.  

An Artist Disagreement over a sandcastle..

Geesh....prickly artist, much?


How did I do it?

Art board
Scrapbook paper scraps
Scrapbook wavy, circle, oval cutters
Glue dots
Double sided tape

I grabbed a frame from my Secret Stash!

Then I pull out my scrapbook scraps and tools:

I used my oval cutter for the fish bodies.
I simply cut the triangles by hand.

Wavy cutter tool for the water in different shades of blue.

Circle cutter to make the sun. 

And plain ole scissors for the sail boat and sun rays!

Glue dots to make the sun and fish POP from the surface and double sided tape to secure the rest onto an art board.

Do you see the HUGE glob of glue on the fishy in the right?  He is soooo getting eaten by a shark later today!  Stay tuned....

I know it isn't an AMAZING thing, but it sure was simple.


  1. That looks GREAT!!! You are so so crafty!!! I love the fishies :D

  2. I'm looking for replacement oval cutter blades, and my set looks much like the one in the picture above. Can you tell me where you got those oval cutters?


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