Friday, September 9, 2011

Off I go again

First off, I am so blessed to have a husband that supports me through thick and thin.

Granted he owes me....

But seriously, how many women are lucky enough to have husbands that will stay home with four children...especially when the youngest is only 6 months so mom can go for a weekend of scrapbooking?

Mine does!

But it gets better.......
Seven years ago he helped me take over a spare room and create a studio.

When we shopped for floor plans of our newer house, he even helped me decide which room would be the most appropriate for my space. We even named the room "The Studio" on our drawings.

Thank you dear hubby for letting me dream and then spread my wings and fly.
To be really are the wind beneath my wings.

Do you like to or want to scrapbook? 

Then I have a giveaway for you. 
Stay tuned for Monday's post!!
It just might get you inspired!


  1. Good! I need some inspiration...haven't even started Keira's scrapbook yet :(

  2. Love your blog, love the inspiration I get from it and love this post. Thank goodness for the great men out there. My husband took off work to stay home with our 3 kids so I could go to a scrapbook retreat too!


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