Thursday, September 8, 2011

Where there is smoke?

 There is fire.

I prefer mine to be this kind

Fire Pit ready for roasting Marshmallows
Perfect for Smores


From Business Insider website

In 2007, we Houstonians were faced with the possibility that Hurricane Rita was headed our way.  It was shortly after we had welcomed the victims of Hurricane Katrina to our city.  
There was fear.  Much fear.  
We packed up our car with all of my scrapbooks and the large irreplaceable portraits of our boys (they were before digital photography).

Then, in 2008,  Hurricane Ike arrived.
We secured all of our momentos by wrapping in plastic and storing them in a safe spot in our house in case of roof damage or flooding.

This week, the fires here in Texas are starting to get quite close to our  home. 
The smoke and ash are filling the air.  

Just the other day, my son was playing in a tennis match and the ash was bouncing off their balls as they smacked the surface of the courts.

Today, school has announced that they are prohibiting outdoor activity like PE and recess.   I am glad they are because my allergies and asthma are rearing their ugly heads today.

But that is small potatoes compared to the 1,000 homes that have burnt to the ground and the 2 lives that were lost.

From Business Insider website

I look at the photo of that home burnt down and it make me wonder. 
"Did they get everything that was absolutely precious to them?"

I sure hope so.

As I prepare today for my scrapbook retreat weekend.  It makes me even more aware of how important certain memorabilia is to me.  There isn't a safe enough place in the world for them!

How can you help?
I have gotten word of a few quilt shops starting some special quilt drives.  As soon as I have one that I can get behind...I will post!!!

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  1. I just found your blog through a child loss blogroll. First off PLEASE stay safe!! I'll be continuing to pray for everyone in Texas and will add you guys personally to my prayers!

    I hope it's ok if I add you to my blog roll also


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