Thursday, September 15, 2011

It's Official!

Butterfly Kisses has moved.

I have finally made the leap.   Things might be a bit jumpy around here!  I have left my grief posts and Jamie here and am debating whether I delete her tabs up at the top.
  Right now I cannot.

I did move ALL of the grief posts, recovering from grief, and any posts related to Butterfly Kisses over.

I cannot imagine I will be silent about her on this blog, but I will definitely feel more free to express my ebbs and flows on Butterfly Kisses.

If you'd like to follow me there, here, or both.......

Thank you.
I mean it from the bottom of my heart.  Knowing that someone out there is listening to me and my ramblings is comforting beyond measure.

If you can believe it, it was a family decision.  
The boys, of course, think it is absolutely COOL that mom will now have two websites.  
Hubby and I agree that I will feel more comfortable sharing all of my craft, sewing, and quilting here at Boys, Buttons, and Butterflies and all of the completed blankets, updates, and other babyloss momma links on Butterfly Kisses.

Thank you for going along this journey for me.

  Butterfly Kisses is steadily becoming it's own entity and DESERVES it's own home.



  1. You're right, it DOES deserve it's own home...but it is still a little sad.

  2. I am sad too. If it doesn't work out WILL return here! But for now, we think that it should have it's very own sacred place :)!

  3. Heidi this is WONDERFUL!!! I know for sure it will work out well. What you are doing is wonderful! I will link and follow your new blog :)

  4. I'll follow you anywhere.;-)


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