Monday, October 3, 2011

Jack and Jacks Bath

I realized that I keep calling the boys' shared bathroom a Jack-and-Jill bathroom because that is what the realtor and builders call it.

But I am renaming it the Jack and Jacks bathroom. 
More fitting don't you think?

Wanna take a tour?

Bean and Bunny's side
Button's side on the opposite side



I found the older "Jacks" some really cool items at Target one day.  If you haven't figured it out yet, I kind of like Target!

The goal I had in the big boys' room is color and fun.  The walls are painted the same color as their room.  I found some awesome prints at my favorite store.  I love that the boys really have NO idea what the items are in them! 

( natural light in this bathroom and the yellow lights are NOT flattering!  Would you believe the walls are blue????)

Prints from Target

In one corner, the boys had chosen some glass bottles at Hobby Lobby in their favorite colors.  The empty jar was begging for something.  I hunted high and low for soaps with no luck, so I found these scrubbies in the right colors.

Bean and Bunny's countertop

The other side is my favorite. I am a huge lover of analog clocks.  I stumbled on this adorable orange clock in one area of Target on a completely different day I purchased the bath accessories.  I decided to convert what I assume is a cotton ball jar into a Kleenex jar.

Bean and Bunny's countertop

The towels I purchased were spot on for color.

Bean and Bunny's Towel (BEFORE)

Of course, I couldn't leave it alone.  I added embroidered a skateboard in orange.  The same one for the sham cover on their window seat.




On Button's side, I used all leftovers from my Secret Stash.
A mirror, a white cotton ceramic cotton swab holder, and an old green vase.  A few rolled up washcloths and a fish sponge fit perfectly.

Bunny's washcloths and sponge

A sweet cute hand towel with an elephant when Bunny had his very own bath needed to fit the water theme.
  Can elephants swim in the ocean?

Bunny's Towels (BEFORE)

Instead of buying a new towel.  I removed the trim from the edge.

Remove trim with clippers carefully

Embroidered a dolphin (by Five Star Fonts) and added the same trim to the other side.


I am working on pictures of Button's nursery.  
Stay tuned..............

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