Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

The boys took my Haunted Mansion from inside to the OUTSIDE.

As I was working on Halloween pillows this weekend (which still aren't finished as of now...figures, right?)

The outside was getting completely covered with spider webs.

 Not a single bush along the sidewalk was spared.

Even the lights got some special treatment!! 

We really couldn't hold back the giggles on this one.

No, this was NOT on purpose. 
Let us just say there was a little accident involving Mr. Boss*, light bulbs, a ladder, and the globe that made "friends" with the sidewalk.  

Apparently, glass and concrete don't mix?  Poor hubby....we often get a good laugh at his expense....

Even the front door received a bit of spider web love. 
  I had one contribution...the wreath!  I spray painted (surprised?) two brown twig wreaths black.  I went really wispy for a more ethereal "look" with a black tulle bow.

A little hot glue, peat moss stolen from a planter inside, and plastic spiders and we were happy.  There are a lot of amazing wreath ideas in blog land, but I was going for simple, easy, and CHEAP!

The little spiders were placed EVERYWHERE!  Amazing how one bag of spiders for $1.99 could keep the boys busy for a long while.  

They strategically placed two of these hairy spiders (about the size of a softball) on the columns as you approach the door.

But my favorite?

The pumpkins!

And this really made me smile......

I am going offline to finish those Halloween pillow covers I have in the works...not to mention some costume embellishments for Button....

The finish and tutorials for the pillows will just have to be shared next year!!

*NOTE:   We have decided to start calling "dear hubby"  Mr. Boss or Boss for the blog.  The boys and I spent some time coming up with one.  Some were just too inappropriate...what is the first "B" word that comes to YOUR mind when you think like a bunch of pre-teen and adolescent boys?

We finally agreed on Boss.  Some tongue in cheek with this one.  Because we all know who is the REAL boss around here, right?


  1. I think your house is going to be a GREAT spot for Trick or Treating tonight!! The doorway arch is very gothic and with the spider webs it's practically eerie!

  2. Thanks! I will TRY to take some pictures when they have their fog machines, black lights, and strobe lights going.

    If it doesn't work, I plan to videotape! They worked to hard hanging black trash bags on the inside of the doors/windows!

  3. Looks great, Heidi! Mr. ironic...haha!


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