Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Second puffy finished?!!?!?

I apologize for not posting this earlier.
  I had a date today!

The Mother-Son Luncheon with my oldest!

 Puffy Quilt Two

I really thought I'd get it done before the end of the weekend, but, unfortunately, I just finished the binding last night.

I really fell in love with this color combo. The nursery colors were described as sea foam green and brown. I just let the fabric with the green and blue be my jumping off point. 
I am pretty pleased with the design, too.

The third is waiting patiently, not sure of momma or little man are though!
I have to finish by the time he arrives!

And I will not do another one for a long time. I need to take a puffy break!

Halloween quilt

Has to be finished tomorrow and Friday. No ifs, ands,  or buts. 
It is "haunting" me day and night.
Yup...I said it....*snort*

Hawaaiian quilt. 

All the horrible hand stitching is completely removed.
I was able to quilt two breadfruits last night.
  I REALLY want to get this done!!!


I am forcing myself not to even announce the quilts that are waiting in the wings. I fear that if I do, I will become obsessed with them when I have so many non-quilt projects to do.

Linking up with the rest of the ladies!!!

Click on the image to see the other projects!


  1. Both momma and little man of the 3rd puffy quilt are definitely patiently waiting....take your time!!

  2. I love the design and colors of the quilt

  3. Another wonderful puffy quilt. :D

  4. Great job, it is a great puffy quilt. However, I do hear you, I have been "working" on a rag quilt for 11 months now. Just not my thing.

  5. Thanks for the puffy love! You are all getting me motivated for the next one!!

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I cannot wait to hear what you have to say! Seriously! It makes my day!


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