Wednesday, October 5, 2011

One down...three to go.

 Puffy Quilt #1 DONE!!!

I think Baby Ian's mom liked it!

She returned from Maternity leave to this on her desk.

Her first response...

"What a great tummy time quilt".

 This photo is horrible because I finished it late at night and had to get it ready for delivery in the morning.  I just took this to show the final design.  It really does look close to my original plan on EQ7!!!

I think I am a believer of the program!

Puffy Quilt #2 is well on it's way. 

 Ran out of polyfill this weekend. 

A run to Joann's yesterday wasn't too much of a burden.

 We have a hot date today!

Puffy Quilt #3 

The third is still in color/design mode.  Need the mom's approval for her boy nursery.  I have to is due any day.  He is officially TERM!

I think it will be the last puffy quilt I do for awhile though. 
I have too many other projects to do!

Halloween Quilt

Much strips (Moda "Trick or Treat") are sewn, final background fabric chosen (Moda "Marbles (purple)".

Really need to finish this ASAP!

Hawaiian Quilt

On hold.  There is just too much to do!

Late last night, I did finally put more magnets in these little guys.  After the boys saw THESE, they rallied their troops and dropped them off at Mom's hospital for a little outpatient surgery.

If you have some time...I suggest you check out how the other quilting ladies are doing at 

When it is quiet in my car or at night, I love to go through all of the WIPs!! 

There are some seriously talented ladies out there that put me to shame!!!


  1. what a fantastic quilt!! It really makes me want to do a puffy quilt!

  2. The puffy quilt is GORGEOUS!!!! I looks so soft and each puff like it's own little pillow

  3. Oh, I have always wanted to make one of those. Putting the fuzzy on the border is an excellent idea also!

  4. The puffy quilt is absolutely adorable! I love it!

  5. I can attest: the puffy quilt is perfect for tummy time.


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