Monday, October 17, 2011

Weekend Warriors

I am always impressed how much we get packed into a weekend.  

This weekend was no different!

Want to make your cupcakes this below!!!

  It started off with Jamie's 2nd birthday celebration.

I frantically pulled together some cupcakes to match the beautiful roses Daddy brought home.  

I wasn't really up for it, but the boys insisted.

And it was followed by Flag Football, yardwork, trip to the phone store, Mass, church bazaar, grocery shopping, more yardwork, laundry, a broken light fixture, meals in between, ironing, a little embroidery work, quilting, and cutting/piecing.

And we still managed to find some quiet time...

Or at least the boys did! 

I love this moment.  

Baby Button drinking it all in.  What he doesn't know, is that these moments will be fewer and farther between as his older brothers grow older.  They will be busy with girlfriends, dates, homework, and someday...gone to college.

So, I am not going to feel bad that I took the easy way out of making those cupcakes.  They actually were so easy, that the boys able to help!

Want to know how?



1 box of cake mix
 Cupcake pan 
Cupcake papers/tins 
 1 can of whipped frosting 
Wilton's 1M icing tip and coupler
Wilton's Decorating bag
Wilton's Color Mist
Sprinkles to match the mist colors

Follow the instruction on your cake mix box....If I am not making homemade, I prefer the Duncan Hines brand. 

Duncan Hines

A secret trick that makes my family and friends think it is a homemade mix?  Instead of mixing it at 2 minutes at medium speed, I hike mine up to the highest speed and make sure that the mix is as smooth as possible.  You can actually see it fluff up from the egg whites.


I then use my 1M Swirl tip with a decorator bag to add the whipped frosting. 


Start from the outside and swirl it into the center.

Then I pull out my gloves.  I spray each cupcake over the sink, because, frankly, it makes a mess if you don't...

If you spray lightly, you will get the "just touched with color look"

Or lay it on THICK for a heavier color

Then shake those sprinkles.

And then throw them off the scent of "NOT HOMEMADE" by putting it in a stand with roses tucked in all around.   
They will think you spent ALL day making them, when only took about 45 minutes from start to finish....including clean up time.


  1. What beautiful pictures. I thought of you and your butterfly this weekend. <3

  2. The cupcakes were beautiful for your beautiful girl. I LOVE the pic of the boys all playing together too!


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