Friday, October 14, 2011

Two Years Ago...

Jamie Lynn was born.

I am a little fuzzy brained today.

I had hoped to do something awe inspiring, and maybe that will still happen.

All that has happened is a trip to All School Mass.  It was lovely, as always.  And they needed help with the Eucharist, so I was glad I was around to be a Minister.  

I actually had not had an opportunity to participate yet since I was first trained, so I prayed to Jamie that I wouldn't mess up.  And, of course, I was in charge of the wine today....Oy Vey!  The scariest thing handing over the "Blood of Christ" to wee ones. 

But I am thankful that I did! It is so heartwarming to be able to look into the eyes of such wee ones that have such uncompromising faith.  It reminded me that I needed to have faith that she was in wonderful place....


Now,  Button and I are home.  I am thinking cupcakes are in order again for her birthday.  Otherwise, I think I am going to put some energy into two Butterfly Kisses blankets I have in the works.

Her first birthday was so wonderful. 
I decided to share it since I didn't last year. 
I am kicking myself because I sure wish I knew what I know now about taking really good photos.  They aren't too bad, but I sure would have liked to take some better shots!!
I post dated it like a few others I have in the past


  1. oh Mama... courage and grace to you especially today. May the love and light of Christ fill you, and give you peace...

  2. You continue to move me....

  3. Oh, Heidi. Your year-end wrap-up post had me clicking back through your blog, and this just breaks my heart and has me all teared up. Hugs to you, even though her birthday is long past. What a sweet little girl.


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