Monday, October 10, 2011

Sunday Projects

 My Sundays usually consist of Mass, Sunday dinner, family time, and LAUNDRY.


I have tried many different days, many different ways, but the last 7 years of the 15 that I have been married, Sunday has become LAUNDRY day.  It is just easier for me if the boys are around to collect it from their baskets, closets, game room, sports bags, backpacks, and under beds????

And about every 3-4th Sunday, I actually get it all washed, folded and ironed by the evening.  Which is a great boon!   My very own personal pack mules can carry their fresh clothes and hang them/put away themselves!

The problem, you say?  

This means that I just can't get overly involved in any project that day, be it sewing, crafting, or blogging.  It is too difficult to start and stop.  I usually try to keep hand stitching of quilt bindings, or ongoing cross stitch/needlepoint projects ready and waiting.

But this weekend was a bit different...I saw this picture below while I was hunting for something COMPLETELY different.  

FROM : Knitty Gritty Thoughts

The thing is, I kept running into it every time I was searching for images of something else.  They even remind me of my most favorite vegetable...the artichoke!
I knew it was a must!

 Have you wondered what to do with those Fat quarters that never get used out of the bundle?
This is a perfect project.

All you need is a Fat Quarter, Styrofoam ball (all I had was this almost 4 inch ball on hand) and flathead straight pins.

Go to Knitty Gritty Thoughts for the full tutorial!

 It was so simple to just set aside whenever my dryer buzzed.

2 x 2 inch squares

A few folds and pin.

All finished!!!

A Newer Acquisition
I finally have something interesting for this piece for my powder bath.

 Maybe some Christmas ornaments?

  A large one to hang somewhere?

A forlorn bowl begging for companions?

I don't exactly know quite yet...but I couldn't pass these up today.....

Could you??


I cannot wait to hear what you have to say! Seriously! It makes my day!


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