Monday, September 17, 2012

75 Scrapbook Pages Down....

.....A million more to go.......

  I am now "current' from mostly 2008 through this weekend.  The retreats are two fold, however.  Good progress, but more importantly?  Reconnecting with good friends!  

It is nice to know that I am making progress each time I go on my retreat.   I actually chuckled to myself at one point because I remembered a some comments a few weeks ago that my quilts are often "uncluttered".

My scrapbook pages are mostly like the one in the photos above!  So I guess I like a lot of things uncluttered!!!  Occasionally I do a complicated and elaborate page...but they sure do slow the process down.  Choosing my paper, deciding which layout to fit all the photos, and picking embellishments is complicated enough.

And no, I am not afraid to put ribbons, flowers or use feminine paper on my scrapbook pages.  I used to try to be "masculine" about my family album, but after I had completed two 100+ pages of my Sports Album years ago....I did not want to do one more "blue" page!

I still do them occasionally....Just not all the time!!

The one tricky part about leaving all my boys behind?  

They manage to be a bit mischevious!  When I saw this blurry picture pop on my phone, my first reaction was "Awww, Button is doing his favorite thing.  Pushing his shopping cart!"

Until I realized that what I thought was a brown floor was actually the coffee table!!  

I proceeded to laugh out loud.

  But when I read this caption on Mr. Boss's Facebook:

I snorted out loud!  

Then posted this:

Did he really think that a picture like that could make me leave my retreat!??!


  1. Hahahahaaa!!!! That was so funny!! Good to hear you had such a great time!!

  2. Yay for progress! 75 pages is a huge wahoo! I'm in dire need of that kind of progress!

  3. 75 pages, wow! I can't even bring myself to print new pictures to rotate the photos in a few frames, so that is mind boggling to me. =)
    And the button photo + FB statuses are funny.


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