Wednesday, September 12, 2012

WIP: Survival Mode

I am trying to survive the month of September.  I posted my September's "Just Three" and am already feeling the pressure. 

I am still surviving from Button's first day at pre-school yesterday. 

It was difficult to concentrate yesterday because I was so anxious and sad.
And today?  I can't keep my hands off of him!

I am trying to survive the school/sports crazy before I go on my scrapbook retreat this weekend. I need to start packing up and printing new photos. This will be the third one for the year!  I cannot express enough how productive and important it is too me! It is the key to my survival as a stay at home mom....friendship, rest, and motivation to preserve my family's memories.

 August do.Good Stitches Block

Technicolor Twist block
Via Flicker:  Heidi @ Buttons and Butterflies

Finished and mailed off.  I think I might have been 2 days after our "mail due date".   I HATE being late.  Mr. Boss was kind on Saturday and allowed me a bit of time to work on it even though the house was a bit upside down. To read more...go HERE!

 September do.Good Stitches Blocks
Since I was late with my August block, I wanted to jump on this month's and get it on it's way. I refuse to see my name on the "late block" list again!   I finished it Monday and mailed it yesterday.
 It is called a jumble block and the tutorial is HERE at A Bright Corner.  I think it will be a great quilt!

In Progress:
Merry, Merry Snowman Quilt

I decided to get my appliques all set and ready for Block #2 so I could take them during carpool, sports practicing boredom, and tv watching time.


I am not happy with my needle turning on this.  And my curves are less than stellar.

 I have seen a few ladies do a blanket stitch, which I could easily do.  I am wondering if I should go forward with blanket stitches from here on out?  I would only have to fix one block since I am only on block two!  Or do I trust that in the end, when it is all quilted and the embroidery and buttons are added, it will be fine.  I am STUCK!!!!!
The good news?
 I have my NEW carrying case all packed with the gadgets and notions.   I finally caved and bought one of these travel cases.

The totes and plastic cases I was carrying around were getting beat up in the back seat of my car.  And I hate chasing a spool of thread under a seat! This fits nicely in the back seat with the backpacks, sports bags, and cooler.

  I love that I can set this on my lap and lean the top up against the steering wheel or when I am at home, I lean it up against the arm of the chair to the side! It is so comfortable on my lap that I actually fell asleep with it open like this last night.....

Special Delivery Quilts

I was able to go back and finish off the border.  And I did check my sewing machine to make sure I had the bobbin low reminder alarm back on.  I had turned it off because sometimes it would not let me finish a few stitches if I was at the end of a row...but now I know that I won't ignore it anymore!

The girl quilt just needs the appliqued name and I still need to cut the borders and piece the boy top.  I am hoping to spend some time next week when I return from the retreat! 

No Progress: We don't really need to discuss these, do we? Cringe worthy

New Projects:

A hand-quilted project landed at my doorstep and it thoroughly distracts me!

I am not only doing the prints for their lost son, but also his big sister's...and the empty spot is for the future....Proofs were approved this morning, so I will be hooping it today!

Like I said.  I am in survival mode.  Whenever I can get something this month?  I will!

Anyone else in survival mode?

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  1. All I can say is hang in there!! I was in survival mode all summer and last weekend was my final hurdle. I feel like I'm finally past the big push and have a little time to breathe before the holiday season. I feel your pain about needle turn applique, mine never looks right. Yours looks good, although you might do a couple little pieces with blanket stitch to see whether you like it better (the process and outcome).

  2. I also felt like I was in survival mode over the summer, with almost no time to sew (which keeps me sane!). I hope you'll be able to recharge your batteries during your retreat!

  3. Love the picture of the little one, so cute with his teddy bears! Enjoy the retreat!

  4. No wonder you're in survival mode! That's a crazy lot of stuff you're working on. I've never done a scrapbooking retreat but it sure sounds awesome! I am up to 2010 but since I have to do five scrapbooks a year I think that's actually pretty good. Your projects look amazing! I always struggled with needle turn so I don't know what to tell you there. I always use the iron on stuff and then stitch around the outside of each piece. Good luck!

  5. Ha! FWIW when my boys were little like that, my survival mode was just making sure they were fed, and clean LOL! I got no sewing done at all! I love those blocks up there, and I'm afraid I am no help at all with hand applique. I do everything with fusibles and machine stitches... Good luck, and hang in there.

  6. I am way too much of a newbie to have advice on your snowmen, but I do think they are adorable! I am stopping by from the WIP blog hop. I have my WIPs up today if you want to stop by :)

  7. I'm in survival mode too and I don't even have kids (unless you count the one in-utero) I think the fall is always way too busy! I'm just hoping to finish binding 4th of July placemats! Have a blast at your scrapbook retreat! I'm in need of one in the worst way!!

  8. I am too!!!! The pace has really picked up around here with school starting...I thought I'd have more time! Not so at all!!! All your work is really lovely! The Sept do.good.stitches blocks are to live for!!!!

  9. Oh No Button, I dont know how you did it. How old is he?

  10. I think survival mode is going around!! Little man looks so cute and such a big boy to be in preschool!


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