Friday, September 21, 2012

EPP Obsession

I am officially in love with English Paper Piecing. I cannot tell you how many times I wish I could be quilting but just can't because I am sitting at another tennis match or sitting in my car.

I love my cross stitch but the frame can be awkward and sometimes I forget where I was and by the time I get back on track, it is time for me to pack it all up.

With the hexagons, I can just keep them in small baggies and pull them out onto my lap! Yesterday I was able to prepare 53 hexagons on a three hour plane ride. And Mr. Boss didn't mind because I wasn't making a scene with my awkward frame!

I also was surprised to see my new book at my doorstep Wednesday afternoon.

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend! I plan to work on some more hexis since I am away from my boys and my girls (the sewing machines).


  1. Highly portable and highly addictive! :)

  2. your hexies are so cute! Do you have a plan yet for what you want to do with them?

  3. I love the hexies! The green with butterflies are definitely my favorites

  4. Sewline glue pen . . . . . . You need one, and some refills! :) looking forward to see what you make with these

  5. Congratulations on joining the hexie world! I love them. My hexies are a filler project, so they could take years to become a blanket.

  6. I have been addicted to hexes for 11 years. Did you know you can get a few done in the drive-through? While the potatoes boil works too : )


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