Sunday, September 9, 2012

September's Just Three

I am "sew" glad I decided to link up with Tracey and her "Just Three" link up last month! 
What a motivation to get specific projects done!

August Goals

The three things I wanted to have finished were:

1.   Finish my Name Game Swap by the due date of Aug 15


 I know, I want to see more!!!  
I have not had a chance to take pictures of the swap I received, so I will share both this week!

2. Sew some gifts for a friend.

COMPLETELY ECTATIC that I finished the gifts!  Four utility aprons, a camera strap cover, and a extra small tote bag.

3. Work on Christmas Quilts (either Figgy Pudding OR Merry, Merry Snowman)

  I worked on BOTH!!!

Cut out trees and trunks.  I am rapidly realizing that I have not even touched my machine during this SEW in. Off to rectify this situation!

The applique trees and trunks for the top half of the quilt.  All I have to do is secure them, and then sew this part to the lower half of the quilt!

Square in a square blocks for various parts of the Merry, Merry Snowman quilt all complete.

Merry Merry Snowman Block #1

 Block #1 Complete

and Block #2 background started.

Making GREAT progress!!!

 The thing is?  It really cleared my head and paved the way to make other progress...

Clockwise: Baby Sean's Quilt top, Refurbished bag, Cathedral Window Pincushion for swap partner, Pincushion for myself, and paper piecing for the back of Baby Sean's quilt

Considering there were a few projects that I haven't shared yet? 
The month of August was pretty productive!


September Goals

Time to make my list.  I only have a fine amount of time to get three things done.....two out of the next three weekends are definitely going to keep me away from my machines.  Not to mention that I have to prepare my things for my upcoming Scrapbook Retreat.  Yikes!

1.  Complete Baby Sean's Quilt:  It would be a shame not to get this finished now that I have a plan for my backing.  The only thing I am "stuck" on is how I am planing to quilt it.  It may happen when I put it on Ole Betsy.

2.  Spiders and Webs Quilt, part deaux:  October will come faster than I can blink.  Notoriously, it is a VERY busy time in our household.  If I finish it in the next few weeks, I will not have to worry about it anymore, right?

3.  Finish my Special Delivery Quilts:  I hate how long a "gift" quilt takes.  There is no "due date" since they already arrived, which puts the pressure on me to get them done sooner than later.  At this point?  They are cluttering up not only my WIP basket, but my head!!

Linking up with Tracey!

traceyjay quilts

If you want to join...time is running out!  I am squeaking in at the buzzer.

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