Wednesday, September 26, 2012

WIP: Hexies....again...

Are you sick of them?

I have to admit, I am glad they are here.  I have not had any time spent on any other items other than laundry the past few days.  Mr. Boss decided to sweep me off to the City of Sin this past weekend.

I was dragging my feet...because I am not just not a fan of Vegas.  But since it was for work and he had big plans there, I left my sweet boys behind.  Hate that!  But last Friday, I was so glad to have the EPPs with me on the way there!  Mr. Boss didn't complain because he wasn't getting whacked in the arm or head with my crosstitch frame!

When we stepped out of the car at the hotel?  

Pavers on the driveway of the hotel

I knew it was going to be a good weekend!
 Since we have returned, I have snuck in a bit of time while waiting for my loads of laundry to finish their cycles and have been playing with layouts.

I cut out more templates while sitting in the car watching tennis practice.  

This time adding a hole with my hole puncher in the middle to have something to "grab" when I pull them out.

I would love to write out my "No Progress" laundry list, but the real laundry is calling my name!!
I hope to focus on my Just Three items for September in the next few days.....4 to be exact.
So far, when I predicted that I would be in Survival Mode earlier this month,  I was right. 
This is the one instance where I hate that I am right!!!

Linking up with Lee!  

I feel like quitting while I am behind...any motivational words or thoughts out there!?!?!??!


  1. This is what I do, and I use a crochet hook to pull them. It saves me so much time and heart ache. You will be thrilled with the idea in no time. I actually put two paper punches in mine, and pin them on to the fabric to mach up my papers to the fabric to get a big pile lined up and ready to stitch, and then use the same holes to pull them.

    1. Thanks for the great tip, Mommarock! I have been using paper clips, but I was wondering about the pin idea too! I just saw your hexi projects and WOW!!!

  2. You will not bore me with EPP. There are so many different looks you can create, I love them all.

  3. So very pretty : ) I won't tire of seeing hexies

  4. Love the hexies! Nope cannot get enough of them! On the other had could without laundry days.


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