Sunday, September 30, 2012

End of the Month

I think I might have redeemed myself yesterday. A bit of time in the studio, soothed the soul!  I knew this month was going to be tough being in Survival Mode.  Family in town the first two weekends.  A scrapbook retreat the third weekend.  A trip to Vegas with Mr. Boss to round out the fourth weekend.

I survived and maybe conquered a few battles...but not the war.    I moved along on a few projects and I have to be content with that.  I remind myself constantly to keep to the decision I made in August about Lowering My Expectations.  I have a family to care for...and with the school in full swing with sports, homework, and the like...they will ALWAYS come first.

I also truly believe that when I slow down and Enjoy the Process, I walk with a little skip in my walk.  Okay, I always add a skip, but it becomes more jaunty!

Today, I can be happy in the fact that because of a wee bit of time at work, I have two baby quilts that are just waiting for their quilt labels to be added!

Finished baby quilts

I am also happy that all of my triangles from last month

Cutting black and white triangles for another Spider and Webs quilt!

have transformed into a pieced top!

Pieced top

And that I am on the home stretch of a Butterfly Kiss design and layout.

However, today promises to be full of laundry, book reports/projects, test studying assistance, and it is time to get my October calendar ready to go.

My Calendar Scrapbook Pages

I love it when my calendars start empty.  I let it sit next to my computer so I can just stare at empty.  When it is empty is speaks to me of potential.

Unfortunately,  when I start filling in all of our activities and obligations?  
I am usually on the verge of tears.

Here is to hoping my October is a bit more calmer than September was!!  
Anyone else have high hopes for the new month?

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  1. I just want the new month to go slowly as it is getting too close to Christmas and I am no where near as ready as I am normally by this time of year!!! aghhhh ......

  2. In spite of the hectic month you had, you also have beautiful works done or almost done. That is great.
    October....I wish for a quite month. We have two more months of school before summer break starts. This is usually the busiest time of the year. From here until January it is non stop. Final exams, parties of all kinds.....and the terribly hot and humed climate. I will just take one day at a time!!

  3. Congrats on the finishes! I hope October is calmer, but it's not looking that way, with every weekend but one away from ho e! Oh well maybe by Thanksgiving we'll get to stay in for a bit!

  4. That stack of finish quilts looks lovely. I have been wanting to make a black and white quilt too and really like how you approached yours.

  5. Hi!!! Love your black and white quilt!!!!! I do wish time could go slower!!!


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