Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Baby Lucas' Puffy Quilt

This puffy quilt has given me a run for my money!

After the debacle of running out of brown dotted fabric, the new fabric arrived and I fell in love.

  It HAD to be the backing.

Since I have finished three other puffy quilts since June, I thought for sure this one would be a breeze!

But, then I ran out of poly-fill.

Did I mention that the new Joann's is no longer on my carpool commute route?  Really puts a damper on my last minute stops!

I was able to fill the biscuits pretty quickly!

But as fate would have it?  I fell short on my border fabric.

...soft and comfy.....yummmmm....

Then, I thought I was on my way.....until I ran out of batting.

Yes...this was the "ran out of everything" quilt!!

 But all in all, I think it will go well with his nursery.

Don't you?


  1. Sometimes you have one that just makes you want to rip all your hair out, but it sure is satisfying to finish it. Especially when it comes together so beautifully and works so perfect for it's intended purpose! I need to get you to tell me how to finish those things off. I made a puffy quilt a couple of years ago and it still sits, all the biscuits sewn together, with no border, backing, nothing. I got to that part and had no clue how to finish it!

  2. Love it!! I'm having one of those "run out of stuff" projects, too!

  3. Love that quilt. And the nursery is super cute too. It will definitely go perfectly in it!

  4. I hate projects like that! I'm glad you got it finished though, it's supercute, I especially like the soft looking border fabric.

  5. LOVE the puffy blocks!! Looks so cushy and cozy.

  6. I love it and can't wait to see it! I'm sure he'll love it as much as his momma does too, thanks Heidi! you are super awesome!

  7. That's his nursery??? It looks like it belongs in Better Homes and Gardens! What a beautiful space. The quilt definitely goes. I can't believe you ran out of everything on this one! It's a great finish, though!

  8. It looks amazing, just like the others. Actually everything you do looks so good!


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