Monday, December 12, 2011

Stockings are hung

on the chimney with care.

In hopes that St. Nicholas soon would be there........

I had a stocking crisis this weekend!  

Actually, I had a complete Christmas decorating and HOUSE decorating crisis this past week!  But that would be the longest blog post EVER.

I have learned through the crisis at a time.

The stocking crisis?  Not really a biggie, but a frustrating one!  If you recall HERE, I forgot that Button needed a stocking!  Bunny thought that he could use Jamie's stocking, but BIG, BIG brother Butter, said "No way".  I ran and bought this one to fill the empty spot!  I am thinking baby food instead of candy?

My second crisis?  
I didn't have enough stocking holders!  
I also had two that were broken after they fell off the mantle last year.

Needless to say I have a new favorite item for hanging stockings.

I have tried so many different holders...some as heavy as 5-10 lbs.  But the problem?  They always tip when we load them up. 

The second problem?  
All mantles are not alike.  Our newest mantle has a funky edge that made the hook part awkward.

This one claims it fits any size or shape.

It looks like it might fall off....but it doesn't.  I even pulled on it with a really good amount of pulling (and stretched out the loops...ooops!) and they didn't budge.

So if you are looking for a new solution without having to drill holes into your mantle...which I was about to resort to.
If you can, run to Target and see if they have them.  

How do you all hang your stockings?!?!?


  1. Great stocking solution! Years ago when I only had one child I bought 4 bird stocking hooks from the Pier One outlet, they were 90% off so instead of being $15.00 each (holy smokes!) they were only $1.50. Silly me wasn't thinking far enough ahead so I only have 4 hooks and 5 stockings. My solution until I find another bird (because I love them too much to not use them and am too OCD to have one that doesn't match) is for the husband and I to share a hook. Santa doesn't usually leave us much anyway, I guess we're on the naughty list. ;)

  2. I'm glad you found stocking holders. At our house, the stockings always have a grapefruit in the toe.

  3. Awesome stocking holders. I have a shelf with 4 pegs on it that I hang the stockings from over the top of/behind the tv. It makes getting to the stockings kind of difficult, but 'Santa' fills them with his magic.

  4. Amazing I must say. As any mothering santa, I know that hanging stockings is and can be a pain in the tookus. ;)

    I cannot wait to copy/steal this wonderful product!

  5. I may need to check into those. My oldest little boy (almost 3) is reading your post ith me and you should have heard him when he saw your stockings. He said, "OH MY GOODNESS MOM....DO YOU SEE THOSE?" Needless to say he really likes your last minute stocking. LOL!

  6. I use those 3M temporary hooks to hang stockings. I have a picture of our stockings on my blog, but my daughter's is the only one that is handmade.

  7. I was noticing before I got that far that you were using the Mantle Clip. Best stocking hangers by far!! I found them at Bed Bath and Beyond 2 years ago... so another place they may be available!

  8. Awesome Harriet!!! Good to know they just might have lasting power!!!

  9. I definitely need those! The decorative hangers are so heavy that I didn't even put them up this year because i was afraid Sam would pull them down on her face! Not pretty!


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