Thursday, December 22, 2011

Country Christmas

This year, when I took down our decorations, the house groaned. 

It told me that it was entirely sick of the decorations that it has graced all these years. The house said "Heidi, I am sad.  You have been decorating me with dark, dreary colors..and that is not YOU!  You are a quilty, crafty, country girl."

I was upset at first.  I walked around in a panic.  What was I to do?

But then.....

When I went outside...the moose were complaining that they were a bit chilly outside this year and the wreathes on the door begged me for new bows.

So I found some cute homespun fabrics and gingham burlap bows.  The moose thanked me profusely and the wreathes preened like a peacock.

As I entered the house, the pine cone basket in the foyer that was handed down from my in-laws begged for the dark burgundy bow to be removed and some fresh new berries added.

The red burlap ribbon and bright new berries made him and me smile!

Around the corner, I peeked in the dining room.  She was disappointed.  She reminded me that Mr. Boss bought me beautiful Spode Christmas plates a few years back.

Why hadn't I decorated the room to compliment? 

I so agreed!

Instead of heavy beading on the "kid tree".  A new red and white trimmed with silver ribbon was added.

The little guy jumped up and down with glee!  He said, thank you Miss Heidi, now all your boys handmade ornaments through the years look so nice!

Even Buddy agreed nestled in one night!

But the dining room table was the most thrilled.

A brand new table runner!  
Appliqued, quilted and binding all handmade. 
The reindeer nodded sagely in respect to the effort.


Then the main tree called to me.  

What about me he said?  

He asked me to please get rid of the sad ugly plaid ribbon. 
He said that he liked the grapevine garland, so could I please add something to compliment?

I, of course, complied.

New red burlap ribbon intertwined with green tulle.

The ornaments jingled joyously.

Jamie's Angel new ornaments agreed that they could wait for their own tree next year.  They heard that the boys couldn't fit all their ornaments on this year, so the main tree will be moved to the dining room.  They were happy to eye the kid tree that will be theirs next year!

The staircase decorations were happy with their new ribbons.

The family room weeped. It was jealous of the new mantle garland this year that made the candles, trees, and stocking shine.

It asked for some new cheery throw pillow covers. 

Spending yesterday sewing them up was worth it to see them settle in for a cozy fire.

And even the dog pillows "barked" with glee....

The kitchen begged me to go simple this year.  No insane amount of tchotchkes all over the place, PLEASE!   

I couldn't agree more!

A grapevine wreath with gingerbread men to match the gingerbread plates.

There was one small catch.  
The sleigh centerpiece said the brown was too dark.

A little paint, and all was nice and cheery!!!

The ladder in the family room said it was content with the wreath.

Especially since the wreath was the one I made last year and inspired the rest of the house update.

But it still wonders if I might finish the Christmas quilt I had in mind.

We shall see.........


  1. Heidi! I love the decorations, especially the plaid pillows, those are adorable. My favorite though is the lights in the basket of berries! It brightens them up so much. I have a similar "basket of Christmas greenery" and it was never one of my favorite decorations but next year I am totally putting lights in it.

  2. Very fun post. Beautiful decorations.

  3. Wow you have been one busy lady! Everything looks amazing! We hop eyou guys have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year. :)

  4. so pretty! Though I have no idea how you get it all done... seriously, no idea.

    I love all of it. yet another reason it would be fun to live closer! :)

  5. What a lovely post. Thank you for sharing. You have been one very busy mum and you have such a beautiful home. With all that you have done I just do not know how you will get that christms quilt done (by the way, it is now on my to do list for next year, thank you for showing us). Have an amazing christmas with those you love. Hugs from Australia xx

  6. You are amazing!! Love your ideas and you decorate like the pro that you are! I love your house, too! XOXOXO to you.

  7. Your house is sooo beautiful. I want to come visit you and feel so cozy for a while!

  8. Beautiful home and decorations! I really like the snowflake table runner--might have to "borrow" that idea :) Merry Christmas!


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