Saturday, December 3, 2011


I forgot that Baby Button needs a stocking!!!

I have made needlepoint and cross-stitch ones for all of us the past few years.

Santa for the boys. Snowmen for the girls.

So I ordered this one today for Button...


I am not even going to fool myself into believing that I can finish it before Christmas this year when it doesn't even arrive for at least a week and I don't even have the Christmas decorations up yet!

But I do enjoy working on them during the Christmas season.  

No worries...Button is not getting the shaft!  None of the other boys were done until they were much older, because I didn't start doing them until they were 6, 4, 2.

Jamie's was the only one that I got done before her "Second" was healing to get it done.

I plan on writing her little notes every year and tucking them in her stocking to keep. Hope the rest of the boys join in!

Does anyone else make their stockings for their kiddos? 

Please feel free to include a link to a post on your blog in your comment!  I'd love to see them!!!


  1. I love your stockings....I think that is a great idea for Jamie's stocking. I have made stockings for the past couple of years and I am thinking of making some again this year. I should do a post on them. It is crazy every year I see one that I like more than the one I made the year before. I think this may be the last of my stocking making. From now on we are going to start rotating them out every year.

  2. I wanted to make our stockings last year and didn't get to it, this year I'm determined. Your stockings are beautiful and putting notes in Jamie's stocking is sweet. <3


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