Wednesday, December 14, 2011

My Super Secret Weapon

No...not for my nails....
But for my sad, dilapidated red berry decorations.

Between rough handling when getting packed and unpacked....

too much sun and too much humid weather conditions.

My berries look sad.

To be perfectly honest, I could just go get more.  But why spend money year after year, when I can just grab by handy dandy nail polish?

One to two coats depending on the severity of damage.

And all is right in Heidi's world.

Will I ever get the color on my fingernails and toes?

Probably not!!!!


  1. What a clever idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You are a GENIOUS!!!!!!

  2. That takes a lot of patience painting all those berries! It looks great. I still need to put up most of my Christmas decorations.

  3. Smart fix! :) I'm sure I'll be doing this next year.

  4. Love that color! Is it Big Apple Red? Great stuff Heidi!

  5. Ha! Ha!!! I used OPI Red and Mat-adore Red.

  6. Heidi, I have the same problem but worse... my berries are all brown looking now. I am just not sure I have the patience to repaint every one of them!!! BUT it would be much less wasteful than buying new ones. I will have to think about it... and maybe see just how tedious it is! Yours look great!


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