Monday, December 27, 2010

Gearing up for 2011: Scrapbook Calendar

I guess now would be a good enough time to confess!
I am a bonafide organization freak and love to create.  Not always the best combo...but in this case?  Absolutely!

I bought a Magnetic Calendar Holder from Creative Memories
If you need a rep...I have a great one!!!!!

When I first had it, it was up in our kitchen as our family calendar.  But then, I realized I didn't want every single boring detail on it!  But, boy, do I love it to keep up with my family album. 

I admit, I am waaay behind on my family scrapbooking album.  However, I don't think I would be as far along as I am without these.  All I have to do is slip in the calendar page and add a coordinating page for my layout.  I just add pages as needed for that month.  Some months are just the two pages....some many more. 

Here is last April 2010:

As of today, I am up to date with my Family 2010 Album through September.  I am hoping to get October and November done by the end of the week....Maybe even December!!

How can you do this?  So simple!!!

Scrapbook Calendar Tutorial

Materials Needed
12x12 scrapbook paper (12 sheets)
Scrapbook scraps
Sizzix/Cricut (optional)
Embellishments (optional)
Word document program
Printing paper


Now remember...This is too easy!!!

Step One:
Choose 12 (12x12) scrapbook pages.  I chose my pages based on "themes" or colors for that month.  Snowflakes/blue/grays for January.  Hearts/red stripes/pink for February.  I try to chose different ones each years so I am not boring!! (Note: Look at Dec lights...Dec 2011...Candy canes)

Step Two:
Use a Word Document and pull up a template for the coming year.  Print out the 12 months.  Then create Text Boxes and insert the month in the year.  Note: The first two years I didn't put the year in the text box.  I wish I had because I haven't scrapped those years and now will have to figure out which one is which when I get to them!

Step Three:
Cut out the the text boxes and mount on solid, coodinating scrapbook paper.

Step Four:
Embellishments!  Some years, I go crazy.  Most years I pull out my Sizzix or Cricut diecut machines.  

Sometimes, I add buttons or brads:

Step Five:
Just mount the calendar template, the month heading, and add your embellishments.  I store my pages in a scrapbook plastic drawer so they are ready to go each month. 

All set to go for the year!

At the beginning of the month, I write in birthdays, special days, and of course, appointments. 

At the end of the month, I transfer any pertinent info from my magnetic Family Calendar

 I try to remember to write special quotes that the boys said or special moments like lost teeth!

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