Sunday, December 26, 2010

Merry Christmas

I am posting this a day late, but I have to show everyone!

  I finished Jamie's Christmas Stocking on Christmas EVE!!! 

 I debated making her a stocking, because it will hang empty every year....but I have put a lot of love in each family member's stocking that I thought why not?  When I asked the rest of the family last year, they didn't even blink...of course you are making her a stocking, they said!

All of the boys' stockings had Santa on it, and for some reason, when I chose my design, I had a snowman.  I had chosen it because it had a "quilted" look to it, so when I realized the boys had santas, and I was a girl and had a snowman....I had to find a snowman design for Jamie!

I have to tell you, I was adding the beads on Christmas Eve afternoon and JJ came down and saw that it was almost complete.  He exclaimed, "Mommy!  You have her stocking finished just in time for Santa to see it!!" How sweet is that!

I actually finished sewing the fleece to the back today so it actually did not get hung in time for Santa's arrival.
 But that is okay, he already saw it!

 I can now start thinking about Button's stocking.   I bought a stocking holder for Button this year since I bought a new one for Jamie.  
 Except, now I have to wait for him/her to arrive before I chose a Santa or a Snowman design. 

Any bets?

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