Friday, December 10, 2010

Kris Kringle

Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love!
  -Hamilton Wright Mabie

 I forgot how fun Secret Santa's were until we were invited to join our "Kris Kringle" exchange at work.   I don't usually feel like I am good at this.  Inveritably, I wrap a gift thinking it is pretty good...until I my Secret Santa gives me an awesome one.  Then I feel bad for the recipient of mine.   This year I feel pretty good about my gifts.  This year, we were limited to the amounts, so that made me feel a "little" better.   The first gift had to be a religious item. I found a really awesome necklace with a cool cross and bible saying.  The next was snacks!  My reciepient's request was sweet/chocolatey.  I decided to go out and buy some candies.  When I realized I was going to fall into my old ways and just stick the candy in a bag...I halted all insane action.  I found this great INEXPENSIVE jar at Target and decided to fill it up with the chocolate.  I then wrapped ribbon around the top  (using double-sided tape on the inside to prevent sliding and twisting).  Added the Reindeer pez dispenser (isn't he cute!).   I then simply printed out a label by finding a great clipart on Microsoft Word.  Added double sided tape to the back.
Not too bad, is it?  I was thinking this would be great as a gift for co-workers, neighbors, the local drycleaner...whoever might like a bit of Christmas cheer that doesn't break the bank!!!

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