Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Impatiently Waiting

I am waiting....

  • Waiting for my friend to show me a possible logo idea.

  • Waiting for my ultrasound that is tomorrow to make sure Baby Button is truly okay in there.

  • Waiting for my christmas present (I bought this with all of my birthday and Christmas gift money...and hubby pitched in some of his "take" too!)

It is the Westminster Big Shot Pro Shape Cutting Machine.  It is by Sizzix.  I chose this over the Accuquilt GO! and Studio for a few reasons. 

1.  I already have a substantial investiment in my sizzix dies already!
2. There is a 5 yr warranty vs 1 year warranty on the Accuquilts.
3.  It is wide.....13 inches wide!
4.  With a bit of shimming you can use Accuquilt die cuts on it (according to other bloggers)
5. According to research, the Sizzix dies are cheaper
6. You can order a custom die........HOW COOL IS THAT!!!

  • I am also waiting for these three dies that I ordered with my new machine:

 This is the Daisy die cut....Love how I can use it!

This is the sunflower/poinsettia die cut.  LOVE IT!

And last, but not least...........

Yup!  A Butterfly.  Hubby talked me into this one with a lot of arm twisting (note the sarcasm!)

And if anyone knows me.......while I wait.........I shop for instant gratification.  DOWNLOADS!

I bought some new fonts from Five Star Fonts.  I love their unique applique fonts...like this:

Do you like?  Good...because I bought it!  HOW FUN IS THIS!!

And Embroidery Fonts like this:

Do you see the embroidered dots inside the large fonts?  The dots, fill, and outline can all be different colors.
Boggles the mind!  Or at least mine....
And, yes, I had to have it!!

And while I was perusing...I was found a bunch of FREE downloads like these:


I also picked up a few free fonts and actually paid for some cute new fonts!

So I guess waiting isn't always a bad thing???


  1. you amaze me...I am so glad you are in my world!
    can't wait to watch this adventure continue...
    love you...

  2. Your ideas are awesome and so cute!!! One question, where do they come from and how do you have the time. I need to know your secret!

  3. I wish I could tell you...I really do.

    To be honest, when I see things at the store, or online, or in a catalog...I ALWAYS wonder "How can I do that, or how can I do that better!"

    But the secret....is that I don't even know the secret!


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