Saturday, December 11, 2010

Happy Winter

I love to crosstitch, but whenever I finish a project, I wonder what I am going to do with it.

One day, I was wandering Hobby Lobby and saw a pillow that was embellished like the one I made with buttons and random stitches. 

It caught my eye because it was, of course, made with scraps of different fabric.  I clicked a picture so I wouldn't forget and kept it for later.

I decided to make another throw cover.  Storing pillows are a pain and it is much easier to just recover the same pillow!  I made the cover like a sham so it is easy to take off after the season is over.

I pieced the scraps of cotton, felt, and upholstery fabric and then stitched the crosstitch project right on top with an embroidery stitch on the sewing machine.  I frayed the remaining edges of the Aida cloth (linen colored).   Added buttons tied on with twine, and then added a row of crooked crosstitch stitches with yarn (on the right side).

Happy Winter!!!!

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