Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Teacher Gift Idea

A walkie-talkie bag?  Yes, we school nurses can't go anywhere without our huge honkin' walkie talkie.  Nor can certain designated teachers.  They are used for fire drills, emergencies, and, at our school, carpool duty!  They are big, bulky and heavy. 

It is a simple tote bag that is the size of the walkie-talkie.  We love them because you aren't always wearing an outfit conducive to clip it on a belt loop!!!  We actually slip our cell phones in with it in case, God forbid, we need to call 911.  I also slip my keys and sometimes a notepad and pen.  I made this one out of scrap fabric I had laying around!  A little embroidered First Aid cross (in pink!) and Clinic and we are in business.

I also made one out of denim and bandanna material for one of our clinic assistants on the "little guy" campus.   I wish I had taken a photo...because I love hers more!  Maybe I still will!!!

If your teacher is one of the lucky few to not have a walkie-talkie, how about just making them a mini-tote for their travels.  Every teacher likes to carry a box of tissues, bandaids, and other sundries when they travel the halls or head to the playground for recess.

Don't have a tutorial you want one?

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