Monday, December 20, 2010

Month Headings

Twelve months in a Year Magnets....for my Family Calendar!

It is a simple decoupage project!  But hey, in case you've never tried it, here goes!


Materials Needed:Printing Paper
Scrapbook Paper
Modge Podge (matte or glossy)
Magnet Strips


Step One:   On your computer, use a Word document such as Microsoft Word.  I used text boxes that I could manipulate.  I then chose a fun font at the largest size on "Landscape" layout that I could.  I then used my Word to choose different colors for the font (to match the five colors of my bubble magnets) and also added backgrounds befitting the month (January-Snow, February-pink dots, March-green).  I then printed them out and let them dry.
Step Two:   Cut out the Month around the edge.  "Paint" glue on the back of the printed paper.  Place the printed paper on the cardstock ( that matches the bubble magnet).
Step Three:   Cut out the cardstock, leaving a 1/4-1/2 inch border.  "Paint" the glue on the back of cardstock and place on cardboard. 
Step Four:   Cut out cardboard.  Then "paint" Mod Podge glue over entire front.
   Allow the topcoat to dry.  Add more layers as desired (I didn't because I don't predict a lot of wear and tear.
Step Five:

Step Six:  Add magnet strips (I like the kind with adhesive backing). 
Just cut the correct size!
Here is what this month's looked like with the Bubble Magnets!

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