Thursday, December 2, 2010

Scrappy Quilt Wreath

 Finally finished a Christmas project!  This does not take long and can be done sitting in front of a fire, or if you are like me, in front of the TV watching a great movie!

I know this fabric looks a bit "old"...because it is!  Normally I would not do a minty colored green, but this wreath was made with only things I already had sitting around my studio.  The green scraps are actually from my first quilt (remember...the one in my Climbing post?).

BTW...while I was working on it, my hubby started cracking up.  He said that some day I am going to be sending hideous gifts to my grand kids someday just like his grandma.  I had to laugh, because I agree, the fabric is a bit "dated"....but I love that I finally used up this old fabric taking up space in my fabric stash!!!


Sewing Machine (only for a small portion)
Scissors or Rotary Cutter
Straight Ruler (love my Omnigrids!!)
Hand Needle

Corsage Pins (pkge of 144ct)
Styrofoam wreath
1 strip of wired ribbon (about 12inches long)
10 strips of "red" fabric (2inches x 12inches)
125 (approx) strips of 3 different "green" fabrics (2 inches x12 inches)
135 strips of batting (1 inch x 10-11inches)
1 square of scrap green fabric to cut a 4 inch circle.
Thread (any color because you won't see it)


 Step One:
Cut your strips.
Sandwich the quilt batting in between the folded
piece of fabric.

After doing a few, I found folding the corner down to start made a better roll!

Keep rolling until you have an end like this:

Then like the beginning, fold the corner of the end like

Then thread your hand needle to secure your roll.
First, I came through the roll from right to left.  I did two stitches to get this cinched look.

Next, I sewed from top to bottom.  Two stitches will do the trick!

When you have it nicely cinched...tie off!

Cut excess thread, flip over, and push corsage pin through. 

Step Two:
Start attaching all your rolls to your wreath.  I actually reccommend a more rounded  one.  I only used this squared off one because I already had it in my stash!

Try to do clumps of three of the same fabric to get a nice verigated color look. Don't forget to put three berry clumps with your red fabric rolls intermittently! 

Use one corsage pin per green roll.  Use three pins for each berry roll to make them a bit different.

Step Three:
After all your rolls are done, you are in the final stretch!
Next, wrap your ribbon around the wreath and pin in your last berry roll.
Then you will need to make two leaves (see tutorial below!)

Flower/Leaf Tutorial
Cut out your ONE 4 inch circle and then cut in half.

If you were making a flower, you would use 8 circles!

Fold the half circles in half, right side in.  Sew the resulting straight edge.

When finished, turn it inside out and you will have a cone!

Then fold your cone in half again.  Make sure the seam is in the middle so it will be hidden!

Weave your hand needle to make a stitch every 1/4 inch.

Then cinch your fabric.

Do not cut your thread, repeat step to add the next leaf.

NOTE:  If making a flower, you would do this with 8 more "leafs" to make a flower.  Also add a button!

(I might do a complete separate tutorial to explain that a bit more later!)

Add your two leafs underneath your berry.  I decided to leave my seam side up so that it would like a leaf vein!!!

And my finished project is looking pretty darn cute above the quilt I did 14 years ago.  I can't believe it!!!  NO more mint green fabric in my scrap stash.  More room for newer fabrics!!!

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