Friday, December 31, 2010

Fireworks, Family, Fun, and Fizz....Goodbye 2010!

Totally stole the Fireworks, Family, and Fizz from my hubby's Facebook status today!  

We went to the movies, did a little shopping, and plan to have fireworks tonight.
  And I promise, sparkling apple juice for me....which I actually love!! will be this year in Review.  Tomorrow...goals!

  • Internet I have come a long way since last year.  I now moderate four support/grief/loss groups for my Carrying Despite Fatal or Very Poor Prognosis mommas.  (I have met an amazing group of women that have endured one of the worst things that could happen...I must give them a lot of credit for being my biggest cheerleaders!) I returned to Facebook after a long sabbatical.  I started this blog in October.  I opened a Facebook page for my business.  And TODAY...hubby and I bought a URL for my very own website to manage my new business.  We shortened it to
So my new business name is officially Buttons and Butterflies!! far I have come from HATING the computer.

  • Grief At the beginning of the year, I was crushed that the year of 2009 was over.  It meant I had to leave Jamie Lynn behind.  As the year has progressed, I have learned that that I didn't have to leave her behind in order to move forward.  I had to take her with me.  Thanks to all of my family and friends who have hung in there with me.  Thanks to my internet friends who completely understand the rollercoaster of emotions!

  • Sewing At the beginning of the year, my sewing machines were collecting dust.  I did projects I "had" to do.  I occasionally would do a project for fun.  Then I joined a online sewing group.  Those Crafty Sewing Mamas really got the juice going again and now I even go a day without doing a little something in my studio.  They have been a huge inspiration for wanting to open a store.  They also are the reason I learned to use the internet/computer to my advantage instead of detriment.

  • Baby Button Our journey of trying again.  Our RAINBOW baby.  I can't deny that the journey hasn't been tumultuous.  The fears, anxiety, and uncertainty have been real challenging.  Even when we receive "good" news, it is hard to trust.  It is hard to connect and feel like Button is real.  Hard to believe that we might be blessed to bring this baby home.  Today...we bought him/her a stroller and car seat.  It felt pretty real this afternoon!  But....we are still leaving it all in boxes.

  • Embroidery  I have really learned alot about my machine, new techniques, and have made a little cash doing it.  I hope I can continue to do it!

  • Quilting  Despite my inability to get motivated to sew, I did finish one quilt top this year.  I have stacks of fabric begging to be pieced.

  • Crafting I did a little here and there.   Not enough to set off fireworks!

  • Scrapbooking  I can honestly say that I have done ALOT this year.  I attended 2 weekend scrapbook retreats, finished Jamie Lynn's album, completed my Army (my ROTC and Active duty days) Album, updated my Family & Friends album, have 6 months done for 2009, and 9 months completed for 2010.  I updated both of the younger two boys' school albums, and have my 2011 calendar pages ready to go.  I think this is the most I have ever done in a year!  It has been truly cathartic.  Not to mention that the loss of Jamie made me realize how important it was to document our lives.  They are too short and who is going to tell those who follow our footsteps what we are like!

So I hope and pray that 2011 brings more exciting things to you and yours!

  Goals are tomorrow!!!


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  2. Wow, the salon looks and sound so amazing! I love the art on the wall- very modern and elegant.
    And about your new look; I just love the new color and the hairstyle. Those bangs look so chic on you.


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