Monday, December 20, 2010

What Day is It?

The NEW and IMPROVED Calendar!

The Family Calendar. 

My lifesaver.  I constructed the original calendar this last year to keep the family on it's toes.  With Baseball, Tennis, Guitar lessons, Doctor/Dental appts, Work schedules, and Hubby's travel schedule....we needed a central place!  Each family member has a color and anything in BLACK is for everyone!

It has been helpful, but the numbers and monthly headings were getting a bit worn:

The worn and tattered calendar!

I had printed out 31 numbers and laminated them.  Then I punched them out with a circle punch.  But after a year's worth of handling, I was missing the number "14" and the lamination was peeling:

So I decided to make Bubble Magnets for my numbers and decouppage the months on some cardboard to make them last longer!

Of course, I also couldn't let them be just plain white.  I decided to make a bunch of colors.

And make coordinating Months in color:

Excuse the drying glue!!! 

And then, of course, I couldn't leave the basket alone for the dry erase markers. 
 The basket "covers"  coordinate with the numbers too!!

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